Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Its 1:30am and once again I am awake. I have the oddest thoughts the later it gets. I haven't ever really thought of shaving or how it came about. It has always just been a fact of life. I guess I thought even the pioneer women did it but now I know what it wasn't ever mentioned in any of the books I have read. I have shaved various parts for various reasons. I remember being not able to wait until I could start to shave my legs. I remember when the shaving spread. Now I am so lazy its a miracle if I shave at all. I should become french so I wouldn't feel the need to shave. Society pushes these things on us. Men don't do it.

Anyway here is what got me thinking of this weird train of thought.

Interesting History Lesson of the Day:

How did the popularity of leg shaving start in the U.S.??
After the males who fought in WWI returned home to the U.S. they asked their wives to start shaving their legs and the tradition has continued since then. Where did they get this idea from? European prositutes shaved their legs to give themselves a younger appearance.

See, I told you it came from men, now I want to shave even less.


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