Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Its pouring rain tonight. They say its going to rain most of the night and part of tomorrow. I think we should really be catching up on the water shortage from last year because it seems like its rained a lot so far this year. Of course I think we were about a foot short last year so everyone says we need it badly. Some of the big cities are still on water rationing.
I went over the weekend and shopped a lot of clearance sales. All of my pants were literally dry rotting I had had them so long. I have bought shirts but hate to buy pants because I am always saying I am going to lose weight and then they would be wasted. But it was way past time. I got about 10 pairs of pants, about 10 or 12 shirts, socks, 1 pair shoes, underwear and I spent around $200.
I have been getting boils over and over again. So I checked online and read that some people were having success with turmeric so I bought some and had been sprinkling it in honey and taking it but haven't seen any success so I am now taking a whole spoonful at once. That stuff is nasty btw. I will update if it works.


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