Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wee bit Wednesday v41

{one} have you ever fainted?
yes, I am always anemic and have fainted as a result

{two} what is your favorite casino game?
the closest I have ever been to a casino was I went on a gambling boat years ago and played the slot machines.

{three} do you have a good sense of direction?
I have an excellent sense of direction. Even if I make a wrong turn I know the direction I should go in and end up back at the right place.

{four} laptop or desktop?
desktop but I want a laptop badly

{five} what is your go-to hair style when having a bad hair day?
pony tail

{six} do you read the newspaper on a daily basis?
nope nor do I watch tv

{seven} do you have a favorite celebrity chef?
I am not wildly into celebrity chefs but I do like Paula Deen.

{eight} what tv show would you like to make a guest appearance on?

{nine} do you have satellite radio in your car?
Nope. I listen to K-Love on regular radio.

{ten} what was the last movie that made you cry?
I can't think of one. I lean towards being depressed so I don't watch sad shows.


shopannies said...

no satelite radio here either see how i answered the rest of my questions at

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