Sunday, October 13, 2013

Giveaways I entered Sunday October 13

I haven't been entering but a few giveaways lately and I hadn't blogged any of them. I was disgusted with blogger. Every time I have a post, if I make changes and try to leave the page then it would ask, do you want to leave with unsaved changes except for the one time I had a huge post of wins and accidently deleted them. That post it doesn't save. I was so mad and it was so many links that I just didn't redo it. I only entered a few today because I encountered one blog that just kept freezing this old pc up. I really need a new pc. This one is about 8 yrs old.

Frugality is Free has a Green Giants Frozen Veggies Giveaway- Ends on November 18 2013

Heck of a Bunch has a Smart Fillets Dog Chews giveaway- Maxine loves her treats. Ends Oct 27 2013

Heck of a Bunch has a giveaway for The Heat DVD- I love Sandra Bullock and this is supposed to be really funny. Ends Oct 23 2013

The Divine Miss Mommy has a Tailgating & Pin to Win  giveaway- this involves one of my favorite grocery stores, where I actually do the majority of my shopping.  Ends October 19, 2013


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