Thursday, January 02, 2014

Mini Goals for January

Well yesterday, I posted about my big plans for this year so now I am going to do a mini monthly goal setting post.

1. On the weight loss front I want to
    A. Exercise 2x a week for 20 minutes each time. - considering I am starting from scratching and have been so sick, I didn't want to make it more
    B. Lose 10 lbs- that works out to about a third of a lb a day. But I figure when you first start you end up losing water weight.

2. Get closer to God-
    A. Attend Church every Sunday- I am trying to find a new church I like and feel like is the place God wants me to be so it might be a different church each week.
   B. Memorize 2 new verses this month.

3. Increase income -
    A. I am going to read the want ads daily to see whats available.

4. Fix up the trailer-
    A. Fix up the bathroom. We just replaced the floor so now we need to put down tile and while I am at it I may as well redo the whole room.

5. Date-
    A. I have no clue where to really start with this one, so I am going to say wear make up every time I leave the house. I feel better about myself when I am wearing some make up.
    B. Talk to more people. - I am very shy around new people and so I sometimes come off as snobbish when really I just don't know what to say. I am going to work on being more friendly and talking to more people (men and women). 



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