Friday, October 13, 2017

Friday Store Freebies October 13th 2017

Welcome back for all your Friday Freebies.

Grants Supermarket has 1 freebie today. You create an account and at the register put in your phone number to use any coupons clipped to your account.  This week's freebie is a box of Malt O Meal cereal. Has to be redeemed by Sunday October 15th 2017.

Kmart also has a freebie on Fridays but you can only access it if you download the Kmart app to your smart phone.  This week's app freebie is Smart Sense 17 oz Sparkling Ice, . This is only good until Sunday October 15th, 2017.

The last store that has a free Friday item is Kroger. Create an account and clip the coupons to your card. This week's freebie is one of my favorite candies M&Ms 1.63-1.74 oz. Kroger has a longer period to use this coupon. It is good until October 29th, 2017.


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