Friday, December 31, 2004


Today was payday. It was depressing though. I got paid and after paying rent and taxes and tags on my car, I only have $100. left for groceries, gas and kerosene for 2 weeks. But on the plus side my supervisor did approve my getting a second job, so maybe within 3 weeks I will have money. I have to wait until the next schedule is made before I can apply.
Mandi's friend, Ashley is here tonight with her cousin from Rhode Island. They are hilarious. They are sort of like abbott and costello, they are both talking but neither is understanding each other. I have laughed until tears came from my eyes.
Most of the time I really like living in Andy Griffin country but some days its like a stupid fest here. I have to pay taxes on my car for last year for the entire year even though I got the car legal on December 27th. So I have to pay for a year even though I only had the car for 3 days in the year. Nothing is prorated here. And they hadn't sent me a notice about my tags because I hadn't paid the taxes yet. Most ppl would have sent a reminder of them running out.


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