Friday, December 31, 2004

new year's eve

Mandi and I went to visit our aunt in Greenboro today. I hate driving in that town. Everyone drives like a lunatic. I stopped by office depot and picked up a free 10 pack of diskettes that I had gotten an email coupon for. I signed up for some freebies today. I remember back when I got thousands of dollars worth of stuff online for just a couple hundred dollars. Once I get another job and have cablemodem again, I am going to spend some more time finding good deals but it sucks when your on dialup. I will probably start my freebies and good deals newsletter back up for friends and family. I am seriously going to work on saving more money in the new year.
My cousin sent me a link for gmail from google. You can't just sign up on your own but they give you a gig of mail space and offer free forwarding and pop mail so I really wanted an account. We took back the pants and shirt I got Mandi for christmas and found a really cute outfit for her. I guess I will be asleep when the new year starts since I have to be at work at 4:30 in the morning. I was reading about the new year but of course this article refers to the chinese new year which won't start for a few more weeks. But it was still interesting to read and get ready for.
May the Goddess bless you in the new year and bring nothing but joy and love into your life.


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