Sunday, November 04, 2007

6 hour Christians

I am not a christian nor do I claim to be one. I followed that path for a while but it didn't complete my soul so I found another fork in the road to travel along. But today I am going to bitch and complain about all the 6 hour christians in the world.

I went to Hardee's today (Walkertown) on my way home from Target. The place was packed and most of the people appeared to be on their way to church. They were dressed up and all that. There was a man in front of me that placed his order and when it was ready acted like a total and complete ass. He hands the hash rounds back to the clerk and says if thats all you are going to offer you can keep this since you are in such bad need for them. Fact 1) the entire meal was less than $4- how damn much food are you going to get in a fast food joint for $4. Fact 2) the bag was completely full to the top of hash rounds- this would have been more than a single hash brown from Mickey D's.

I just thought now how many people in here think he is going to church since both he and his wife were dressed up. What is the point of going to church to be a 6 hour christian. A six hour christian is one who follows God and does the whole what would Jesus do thing for 6 hours a week. 2 hours Sunday morning, 2 hours Sunday evening and 2 hours on Wednesday. I remember from when I was in church that you are supposed to conduct yourself in such a fashion that people can tell you are a christian. Had that clerk been the pastor of that man's church would he still have handed back those hash rounds and made the same comment?

How many people who like to call themselves christians act like asses out in public and on the highways? There are ways to handle bad service or incorrect handlings without acting like most of the 6 hour Christians do. I see them talking to and treating clerks and cashiers like shit in stores, cutting people off and not following the laws for driving, I would make the statement that 90% of the church congregations today are 6 hour christians and if you met them in day to day life you couldn't tell them from the so called sinners. Why bother spending 6 hours a week, 28 hours a month, 312 hours a year in church if you aren't going to follow the teachings of the bible and act like it says you should if thats how you believe? If there is a heaven and a hell then I doubt you are going to see any 6 hour Christians in heaven.


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