Thursday, November 22, 2007

my weekend

This post is days late but I havne't had the inclination to write lately. M and I went to WV for the weekend. We got up early on Saturday morning to go but didn't make it actually there until about 3pm. We stopped a couple times to see about getting nails done since she says she has an image to maintain there :). Finally found a place in Beckley to get them done. It was such a rip off. I paid $40 and she put nails barely longer than my own bitten off nails. The place wasn't at all clean. I won't ever go back.
We stopped at Bob Evans in Beckley to eat. I love that fried chicken breast with mashed potatoes they have and we don't really have a bob evans close to us here. I bought a sign while there to hang at work. It says " good morning, let the stress begin". Everyone at work got a kick out of it. I went a head and checked into my hotel since I wasn't sure what time I would be back over after visiting. I stayed at the Microtel Inn. It was only $52 a night and had a heated indoor pool. I found it a very pleasant place to stay. Loved the pool and my bed had the most comfortable pillows ever found on this planet I think, although the breakfast wasn't as much as other I have stayed at, basically it was juice, bagels or muffin.
Finally made it to old hometown around 3pm. Dropped M off at her friend's house and went to visit my friend Debbie. We had a good visit and Debbie enjoyed the stuff I had brought her. I took her some of the shopping deals I had gotten over the past year. She has a new mini pin and she was cute as a button. Her name was Molly and it didn't take her but a few minutes to warm up to me and want to get on my lap. We had a nice long chat. Went back down to pick up M so she could take me back to the hotel and her Jessica could go out to eat. I went swimming and read a bit while I waited on her to bring back the car so I could take them back home. I finally made it into bed around 1:30am. I didn't sleep well though for some reason.
Got up, ate a bagel and then headed out. I ran into an old friend who was a maid at the hotel and we talked for a couple minutes. It was nice to see her again. I bet I hadn't seen her in about 6 years. Stopped at CVS but they didn't open until 10am so went to Kroger to wonder around. Found some concord grapes there. I love those, I could eat my weight in concord grapes. I bought 2 packs. Then went by another CVS, still no nova max though. I did find a few bags of candy corn for 9cents. It was still early so went by the bridge and took a few pics and talked to some tourist. Then stopped at DQ for a blizzard. Went by the cemetary to visit with my grandmother who raised me and ran into a friend of the family who lives in florida and I hadn't seen since I was an adult. Found out my stepgrandmother had died and naturally no one had told anyone in our family. Finally back to get M so we could go to Franks for a calzone. Calzone wasn't as good as they used to be when I was a kid. Went back to hometown and ran into my other daughter who I haven't seen in years. (very long story about this). We took her back over to her dad's so we could see her baby. My ex wasn't thrilled to see me for some odd reason :) My granddaughter is 5 months old and so cute. I want her. I took a lot of pics. Then we went to get Jessica from her job and went by kmart so I could buy the baby a bunch of stuff. I got a couple of real cute pink furry outfits with coats, an elmo pant set, some onesies, pacifiers, teething ring and gel, an eyeore, a couple more outfits and some diapers. I got A a gift card for herself. Finally back to drop off Jessica and take the presents to the baby. I tried to talk A into moving out here and starting a new life. She wouldn't go for it so back to NC we headed. It was a great weekend though. I find myself wanting to move back though. I never thought that would happen.


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