Sunday, May 25, 2008

the day my sister tried to kill me

The day started innocently enough. I had had the bright idea to go to my sister's and go to the park near her where she had taken some really cute pictures as a lure apparently. We get to my sister's in plenty of time and visit a few minutes. Then my brother-in-law loads up the boys and the dog in his vehicle and Mandi and I ride with my sister.

We go to Sloan park (think thats the name) and get out and carry the food to the tables. Hot dogs were great.


The boys were more interested in playing than eating though.

So then in my wonderful niceness bring out bubbles for my sister and myself to play with. I had already given the boys their bubble packets.

Then we go to the mill and take some pics of the water wheel. It was funny because we kept fussing at the boys to not touch the fence and break it and as soon as Lisa and I posed in front we broke the fence and had to fix it.

then we walk up to the little covered building place that I really wanted to see because its always so cute in Lisa's pictures. They were having a wedding though so we couldn't get close. The bride is in a fancy wedding gown and a horse drawn carriage then all the guests were in shorts and stuff. Not exactly kosher.

So this is the part where my devious sister says let's go to Dan Nicholas park and I in my naive guilibitily agree. We get back in the vehicles and off we go. We pass Dan Nicholas park and I say "theres the park", Lisa says with an evil smile on her face "I thought we would go to the eagle preservation trail instead".

We drive on and leave the paved road (my first clue) then we all notice how this road looks like the road from wrong turn. ( ) We keep going though. We get to the parking area and there are all sorts of trucks there. Not a single human being though (clue 2) So off we go on the trails.

There isn't a sound at all and no birds whatsover. (clue 3) We keep joking about the wrong turn and keep walking.  I notice there are some spots on Jason's(brother in law) leg. He checks and they are ticks. During this walk I bet Jason got a hundred ticks on him. There were a million spiders. I haven't ever seen so many spiders crawling on the ground in my life. There were spider webs as big as humans. We walked and we walked and we walked.

During the entire 2 hours and 36 minutes we never saw another human being nor a single eagle. I honestly reached the point where I just knew I wasn't going to make it out. I got slower and slower until finally I was the last person on the trail. We turn around and go back the way we have come because we are all hot, thirsty, and tired.  Finally after the longest and worse walk of my life we make it out. My wonderful nephew Daniel comes back onto the trail to bring me a can of coke. Let me tell you I haven't ever had such a wonderful coke in my life. There is an evil little man sitting in front of our car in a golf cart laughing at us. All of the trucks that were there are now gone. We finally leave the death trap and go back home.

Lisa later tries to convince me it was only 4 miles but then I realize we didn't make a circle, we turned around and back tracked so bascially we walked close to 8 miles.

Lisa is not picking any more places for us to visit.


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