Sunday, July 06, 2008

Sunday Savings

Staples had a deal today that 8 pack pencils were 1 cent, sample size hand sanitizer was 1 cent, folders were 1 cent, and poly binders were a quarter. They also had some highlighters that were free after easy rebate. So for $1.22, I got 2 packs pencils, 2 hand sanitizers, 10 folder, 4 binders and the highlighters. (got up to limits allowed) I had my daughter go through the line also and she got everything but the highlighters also. I like to give the kids in the family back to school packs and these will go nicely in them. I went by Target on Friday night and they were having a clearance so I got pencil tins for .25, dry boards with marker, and pencils packs with 1 pencil, stickers, pouch and little memo pads for the boys all in Incredible Hulk for .25 each. I got the girls little Nemo dry boards with marker, little Mermaid diaries, small glitter glue, and little gel pens. I am hoping to find some paper on sale before taking the back to school packs to the kids. I also got my nephews some little supplies for camping, there is little splinter kits, sample first aid kits, water bottles, and emergency blankets. Going to take that stuff down next weekend so will probably take their back to school kits at the same time.
I also went by Foodlion because I needed cat food and saw they had some ham on sale buy 1 lb and get 1 lb free. I had a catalina for $2.00 off deli meat so for $4.37 I got 12.76 worth of ham.

The rest of the day I have been scanning pictures from my albums. We had a leak and quite a number of my picts got ruined so now I am scanning everything so it won't happen again. I am going to burn them all to cd but also upload them to photobucket so anyone in the family can get whatever ones they want also.


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