Thursday, July 10, 2008

Winning Wednesday

I have been doing a lot of contests online. In 2006 I was entering contests all the time and won a lot of stuff. Went to a couple of concerts for free and a year of Netflix and a few little prizes. My biggest win was my Olympus camera, retail value of $300.
I have only been doing contests a few days and I have won a few little things like some chips from Subway but I also won $25 from a contest. Not major money but better than no money :)

Congratulations! You've won $25*!

Ah, why so serious? And why are you still here? You won your prize and Gotham City could use a few good crime scenes - so let's go pick a fight with The Dark Knight! Just clickety-click the link to Gotham City. It won't be long before we run into Batman, I'm sure!

Fight for Gotham City
DISCLAIMER: Your prize will be delivered to the address you provided at registration within 4-6 weeks!

I also won $16 on the powerball drawing last night. Since I had spent $16 for the ticket at least for a change I broke even and its good until the end of the month so maybe I might come in ahead for once.


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