Sunday, August 17, 2008

Review of the Other Boleyn Girl

I won this movie online and could't wait to watch it. I like Natalie Portman and try to watch all of her movies. I really thought from the title it would be more focused on Anne's sister since everyone has heard of Anne. The movie is very loosely based upon actual events. There appears to be quite a bit of poetic license involved with the retelling of history in this movie. The movie starts with the 3 Boleyn siblings playing in a field. Their father is quite power mad and wants to use his children to better his prospects no matter the cost to them. Anne doesn't win Henry the VIII's favor at first site so Mary is offered even though she is married. Anne then comspires against her own sister in ways that I would not have forgiven but Mary has very little backbone in the movie. The costumes are awesome. I loved Ana Torrent as Catherine. She really only had a bit part but made her character both likeable and powerful. Oddly enough her character was the only character in the whole movie that seemed to be controlled, everyone else seemed to stupid to be responsible for anything much less a country. Anne and her schemes result in the death of both Anne and her brother. The movie was ok but I am glad I won it and didn't spend money for it. I can't imagine wanting to see it a second time.


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