Friday, July 10, 2009

Join the Wakin'Up Club

Possible samples and coupons from Folgers

Get a coupon booklet worth over $50 from Kraft If you aren't a member it will prompt you to join. I am practically a member of every company site out there.

So far this week I have bought 12 bags of shredded cheese and 13 blocks of cheese at Kroger. After the $4 coupon it was roughly 20¢ a package. I also went by K-Mart who was having a clearance on toys. It was 50% off the clearance price. I got my grandson a playset for Christmas that has animals and makes sounds and does a lot of different little stuff for $18.50. It was supposed to be $75, I got my granddaughter a Ba Ba Baby Elmo for $8.50. Thats another Christmas present. I also got her a Tigger Bounce chair for $4.50. I honestly didn't know it was a bounce chair. I just wanted a little kid chair for her to sit on at the house. Its so cute.


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