Monday, March 22, 2010

a few blog contests

Its been raining on and off here and when I came home it was hailing so this evenings walk it out of the question. I should clean house but I am tired so thought I would just Net surf. I thought I might start posting a few contests from other blogs daily that I have entered. Also a couple of notes about giveaways that I have discovered. If you are really interested in a particular prize, you can go to twitter and search for that prize and it will bring up a lot of sites that are having contests for that prize. I do that when I really want something and so far its paid off well for me. Also I don't like winning gift certificates and probably won't enter any more contests where thats the prize. When you win a certificate then you are responsible for shipping instead of the company shipping to you for free. I mean I am cheap and if I am going to have to pay $5-6 for shipping than a $15 prize just isn't that great in my opinion, especially when its a product I haven't ever tried so may not even like. What are your thoughts on this?

1. Win a cake vase I hadn't ever heard of such a thing but I think this is just the neatest thing. I hope I win. I love to bake cakes and this would be an easy way to create something fabulous.

2. Win a variety of Simple Green Products I have used just plain ordinary Simple Green in the past and its an awesome product. Its one of those products that since you don't see a lot of advertising for you sometimes forget its out there but it really works wonders. I would so like to win this line of cleaners. This isn't a blog contest but since I really really want to win a digital camera, there is a link on this blog posting that leads to a contest on the Simple Green page for guess what? yup a digital camera.

3. Spa sample pack This one is a little different in that you email your entries instead of doing them on the webpage. I am not sure about it since said it ends on 322/10 and the page says it ends on 3/29/10

4. Lysol No Touch System I want one of these. I am such a germophobe. I own more sanitizer than some states probably :)> and she has another giveaway for Veggie Tales Pistachio DVD My grandkids absolutely love Veggie Tales. This is a new dvd and we don't own it yet.

5. Be a Detective in Forensics I seldom come across giveaways that seem like they would work for a boy but this is gender neutral although I think more boys than girls would like it. I thought it was adorable. Its from BSW Toys


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