Wednesday, April 28, 2010

free books

I was surfing around as usual and came up Harlequin's website. They have 16 books you can download to read. There were several from the love inspired series (those are Christian if you didn't know) so you don't have to read about people having sex who don't even know each other and then are suddenly pregnant and after the one night stand still manage to marry the elusive millionaire they had the one night stand with. Guess I sound jaded huh?

So then I thought I would check on Swagbucks to see what all free ebooks I could find. Here are some sites with ebooks that are free. BTW I didn't download from any of these so haven't tried to see if there is a catch. If you want to read books without paying and can't find them at the library, I recommend you do a swagbucks search and see if you find something interesting to you.

Kobo They have 220 free books listed. I think perhaps they are from around the web since the free books from Harlequin are listed on the site as downloads. There were quite a number of classics here.

Internet Public Library over 20000 books.

Gutenberg over 30000 free books. Btw for those unfamiliar with Gutenberg, he invented a movable type printing press and the first book printed on it was the Bible.


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