Monday, April 26, 2010

Locks of Love

I have been saying for a good while now that I wanted to cut my hair and donate it to locks of love. Locks of Love take donated hair and make wigs for children who suffer from hair loss mostly through chemo I believe. The man I was dating liked my hair long and I will be honest, I do too but we broke up 2 months ago and I realized I still wasn't getting it cut because I was hoping we would get back together. I decided I am going to remake my life and started with the hair since it would be the biggest statement. So making a stand, I went Saturday and got it cut. Here is a series of pictures.

This is what it looked like to start with. It really wasn't as uneven as this picture makes it seem. It was just caught on my shoulders.

This is what it looked like after my daughter braided 14 inches. Locks of love needs at least 10 inches to make the wigs. It must be braided for them to accept the hair.

Here we are and you can just see where she has started to cut through the braid.

Ok its gone and I will admit I did almost cry.

Here is the final look but its really cuter than this. I had been to church already and it was quite windblown. It actually flips up on the ends now.


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