Tuesday, February 07, 2012

A little win

I got a call yesterday while I was sleeping that was from the Frito Lay Superbowl Sweepstakes saying I had won a prize. I immediately envisioned tickets to the next superbowl :) but after calling and waiting for them to call me back turns out I had won a $50 gift certificate to Food Lion. Not a bad prize at all just not tickets to the superbowl in New Orleans :). I don't remember entering this contest but I think it must have been on the Food Lion web site since the only choices were for stores that Food Lion owned liked FL, Bottom Dollar or Blooms.

Friday when I get paid I am going to the dr first thing. I feel so bad and just completely drained of energy. I have just been getting worse and worse and just didn't make the effort to save enough for my copay but something has to change. I can't hardly stand to be out of bed now because of my head hurting, and having no energy.


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