Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Online Exercise Videos

One of the things I am trying to do is to exercise more. I want to lose weight and be healthy. One of the problems with having rheumatoid arthritis is that you keep losing flexibility and its pretty stealthy. You aren't aware of how much is going so I want to do some exercises to increase both strength and flexibility. I have tons of videos but lets face it I am lazy :) By the time I turn on the tv, open the case and load the dvd player I am out of the mood. So for me an exercise video online is perfect. I found some awesome videos at Sparkpeople that are just the right length since I am just starting and they are pretty easy to follow. I am trying to do the 10 minute cardio bookcamp daily and working my way up from there. Hopefully as my new meds start to take effect I will be more able to do things. I go see a rheumatoidolgist next week for the first time ever. I have high hopes for him helping me. I want to halt the progression I see daily.


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