Thursday, June 13, 2013

Frankie and the Voice

I am loving the grandbabies being at the house. They are always saying funny stuff. Here is the cutest little story about something that happened with my grandson. 

Here is a funny story about my 4 yr old grandson. One night I sent him to bed. He comes back and tells me there was a voice that told him to shhhhhhhhhhhh. I told him there wasn't anyone in the room and he must have imagined it. He came back in a minute to say it happened again. I offered various suggestions and he discounted each one. Finally I told him that maybe it was God talking to him. He tells me that God doesn't talk to little boys. I tell him the story of Samuel from the Bible (1 Samuel 3) and then I suggest again that maybe the voice was God. Frankie shakes his head nope and says it doesn't sound like God.  I just laughed and laughed. He was so serious.


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