Saturday, July 20, 2013

Feeling out of control of my life

Its been over a month since I blogged. I just can't seem to get a handle on life lately. I am so frustrated since my daughter and her children moved in. I don't see a way she is ever going to be able to afford a place of her own to get out my house but they are driving me insane. I love my grandchildren dearly but I can honestly say I have never seen worse behaved children. They don't follow rules at all and will open defy you. No matter how many times you tell them not to do something, they still do it. Most of that results from my daughter's inconsistencies. Sometimes she whips them, sometimes she yells but she doesn't constantly enforce a rule. You have to every single time punish a child for breaking the rules not every other time. Plus she is bad for saying "you keep it up and no tv or whatever punishment" but she never follows through so that teaches the children that they can do whatever and there are no consequences. I have watched and taken care of a lot of children in my life and never have I seen the likes. There is no structure to their lives. No set meal times, bedtimes, etc so they just act all harem scarem. Its to the point now, that I just don't want to be around them at all because of how they act and I never thought I would feel that way about my grandchildren.  Between my daughter and the children they have trashed our home. They value nothing that belongs to us. There is no respect for people or things.  No one cleans up messes. Food in the floor, dishes never washed, toys to trip over, trash left wherever they get done with it. No one throws anything away. They have spilled stuff on every blanket, the pillows, the furniture. They walk on the furniture and no matter how much you yell, punish, or whip they still do it.  Every single thing in the house is treated as their belongings, they never ask to use anything regardless of what it is. I am sick to death of the television being on 24 hours a day.  It doesn't matter what it is, my daughter just hands the baby whatever she wants to play with just to shut her up. Children should be taught they can't have everything.  I want them out of my house but I can't see it happening since they have no where else to go and I can't let them live on the street but at this rate I will be living in the asylum.  I feel bad for my daughter being homeless but these are life choices she keeps making. She is the one who keeps getting pregnant. I am tired all the time from the constant aggravation, the constant noise and the filth at the house. Its all just too much for me. I have prayed for patience, strength, a solution for the housing and nothing has worked. I have yelled at the kids and my daughter and all of them just ignore whatever I say. I just feel like walking away from my life and leaving no forwarding address.


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