Friday, July 26, 2013

Job Hunting and Gratitude.

I have been applying for some jobs lately. I love love love my current job but it is only 20 hrs a week and I am expected to be on call in case something happens (which did this week so I got 40 hrs and next week will be getting 40 also) but normally I am not called in. So I can't really get another job although I am thinking of trying for a home aide. Basically you go in an elderly person's home and check on them, light cleaning and cooking and take them to dr's appts. I can do that a couple days a week assuming those days aren't wrote in stone.  But I have also applying for 4 full time jobs. 3 are with the state since they have such awesome benefits. I have only heard back from one of them so far and have an appointment on Monday. I am leaving it in God's hands and if I get it then I know its what He wants for me right now.
If you are job hunting I recommend Indeed you can create email alerts and they will email you every day with the new postings for your area. I like them because they pull from a wide variety of sources so you don't have to go to all the different job boards.

I am currently reading a book by Debbie Macomber called Thursdays at Eight and I saw something on a page that gave me an inspiration. I think I am going to try to remember every time I post to put 5 things I am grateful for. That way I can look back and remember my blessings and hopefully it will encourage me to express more gratitude in life.

  1.  Being able to work more hours this week and next. I need the extra money right now.
  2.  Water- will blog about this one day and share my experience.
  3.  The car continuing to run. - I am so paranoid about this now.
  4.  Grace- I am so thankful that I can experience God's Grace on a daily basis.
  5. 3 lbs lost-. I have been trying real hard this week to exercise more by walking a bit each hour.  

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