Wednesday, November 06, 2013


Sorry, I haven't been posting as  many giveaways. I have been feeling sick for days now and I finally broke down and went to the dr yesterday. Basically he did nothing, He told me to take some allergy eye drops and gave me a prescription for antibotic eye ointment. So far my eyes feel no better and he didn't even recommend anything for my sinus problem. I know its not infection in my sinuses but it is driving me crazy. I must look worse than I feel even because my dad come by and when he was leaving he said to make sure I called if I got down and left a list of places to call if I couldn't get him on his phone. He has never in 45 yrs done that :).  lol

I haven't won much this month but I have gotten quite a few prizes in the mail. with at least 3 more coming over the next 3 days. I have officially gotten all the presents I am giving for Christmas for the grandbabies with a few for other children in the family also. Now I need to win some stuff for my daughters. It would be cool to have a complete Christmas due to giveaways.  I need to enter more giveaways but honestly haven't felt that great. My eyes hurt being on the computer and this old desktop just drags so much when entering giveaways. I would so love to win a new laptop or enough Amazon bucks to pay for one.. I miss mine so much. I only had a laptop a little over a year but but was it sure nice.


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