Thursday, November 21, 2013


    I finally won a prize last night. It feels like forever since I won anything. Of course, that's mostly because I haven't been entering near as many giveaways. I have been sick for over a month now. It started with an eye infection that last about 10 days, as soon as I went to the dr to get some antibotic ointment for that, I got a terrible cold. The cold triggered a terrible asthma attack. When that happens my lungs get stuck in a never ending attack. I finally broke down and went to the dr again because I couldn't walk across a room I was so out of air or talk even. I had to get a steriod shot, a breathing treatment, 2 new inhalers and steroids to take at home. I already feel a lot better with just the shot and the breathing treatment.

   With me being so sick and just one thing or another we are doing something this year, we have never done. We are eating out for Thanksgiving. The house is in the middle of remodeling and there just isn't a way to fix anything here. We don't even have an oven. I can't imagine not cooking a Thanksgiving turkey and all the trimmings :(.  And now the dryer has tried to catch fire so we are having to dry clothes at the laundromat. I sure could use a cash prize or an appliance prize win :) Fingers cross, publishers clearing house lol.


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