Sunday, January 02, 2005

Day 2

So far this has been a boring year. I have worked at the store and managed to not get rid of Randy. He begged me to go out with him today and then as usual let me down. I am going to force myself to be strong and not care that he acts all hurt and just have nothing more to do with him. He just drains the life from me anyhow. Since it was the first I had to spend all weekend changing prices at the store and getting the paperwork ready for the office. One more week and I can get a second job so I can have more available cash. I have been trying to be more frugal though. There was a great rebate form in todays paper that is actually going to net me @ $7.00.
There was an opposum on the porch this morning after I feed the cats. I think he is living under the trailer because he was there as soon as I put the food out. Guess I am only going to be able to feed them in the daylight hours. Tomorrow I have to go get the car legal since they were closed friday and they have had road checks 2 days straight now. Mandi's friend Jessica is spending the night here tonight.
Being frugal is so far the only resolution I have managed to keep. I have done nothing but eat the last 2 days so there hasn't been any weight loss thats for sure.


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