Thursday, January 24, 2008

I got my pictures from the Winkflash deal I posted. They turned out beautifully. I love the digital camera and the freedom of being able to upload pics anywhere I choose but nothing beats being able to hold a picture and show it to your friends. I took the 3 pics of my myself, my daughters with my granddaughter and framed them in a special frame. I am so glad its Thursday. I am so tired of having no money. I have been to the point of counting out change this week. I am changing all of that now though. I am going to start doing a much better job of saving. I am really worried about the economy and my job. We havne't been shipping as many cigarettes as in previous months and that makes me worry. I have no savings whatsover if I were to lose my job and goodness knows I am always behind on all my bills.

Here is an acticle I got in my email today. I really like and believe that feng shui works but for whatever reason I always quit following the practices. I think this weekend I will try to redo the house to fix a few things. I get the free newsletter but I don't pay for the articles. I have a lot of books and see no need for that.

Why You Need Empty Space for Good Feng Shui
You can't grow where you can't go

In today's shopaholic society, we have tendency to hang on to too much stuff. Our homes and offices are jammed with equipment, clothing, papers, and all those bargains we haul home from the mall. The problem, though, everyone says, is the clutter. Actually, the real problem is not the stuff, it's the lack of space. When we don't have space, there's nowhere to grow and no room for anything new. Instead, we experience more stuffing and filling versus positive, beneficial growth.
Recently, I was consulting on a large commercial project. The architect recommended that the client leave some empty space for future expansion. I told the architect that was a brilliant idea. Too often no one plans for growth and expansion and then have to worry about where to grow and where to go. Instead, what happens is a too-small space gets rearranged and more crammed with time.

I've recently lost some weight. My clothes no longer fit. As I stood in the closet looking at my old clothes, my thought was that I wanted a closet full of beautiful new clothes that fit my new size. That's when it occurred to me that I couldn't have what I wanted until I got rid of what I didn't want. So, I took a hard look at all my old, now-baggy clothes and began pulling them out to throw away or give to charity. My closet now had space -- space to grow and get what I wanted instead of being filled to capacity with what I didn't want.

Soon after, I stumbled on a huge sale at a pricey boutique with bargain basement prices on some fabulous clothes. I bought almost $1000 worth of great clothes that had been slashed to $9.99 and $14.99 and $19.99. So, at those prices, I was able to fill my closet with gorgeous clothes -- and matching accessories. I was in heaven. Now, I go in my closet and can't wait to get dressed, knowing I have so much to choose from. So, now, let's put these ideas to work for you.

1. Want more business opportunities? Clear off the front of your desk. Keep the area in front of your desk open and clear. Are you committing a feng shui sin and facing the wall at your desk? Turn it around and put your desk in an executive position so that you are not facing an obstacle or block. A wall in front of you stunts your growth.

2. Do you want more wealth? Clear out the mess and clutter by the front door. Sweep the sidewalks and clear out the southeast corner of your living room and the garden too. Keep your wallet orderly. Be respectful of your money and don't just wad it up and ram it in your purse or wallet. I bought a new roomy red business wallet, and wow, what a difference! The money is rolling in. In fact, why don't just buy a new wallet? It's a good habit for every New Year. My wealthy great aunt always had a red wallet. Hmmm.... maybe she was on to something. I also write my checks and do my accounts with a red pen. Forget what your accountant says. Funny, but my bank always takes my checks regardless of what color ink they're written in!

3. Is there something you don't want, like bills, for instance? Keep your bills in one SMALL place. We have a very small basket for incoming bills to be paid. That's because I want to keep the bills small. Limit the number of credit cards you use to just a few key ones. More credit cards means more bills in the mail. I only keep three -- a department store, a general purpose, and one just for gas.

4. Do you feel pressured and stressed? Clear our your closets and drawers and be ruthless. Those hidden messes create pressure and stress. Get rid of "obligation" articles and furniture. Stuff you feel guilty about getting rid of creates an environment of guilt -- who can grow in that? And watch those "collectibles." Really, do you need 242 ceramic clowns?

5. Looking for love? Stop hogging the bed and sleep on the correct side (women on the right, men on the left as you are in the bed). Clear out a space in the closet for your new love and have two nightstand tables and matching lamps in anticipation.

Create some open space for what you want to happen in your life and cram the space for what you don't want (like that small bill basket I mentioned earlier). You might be surprised at what a vacuum can attract for you when you have the room to grow.

©Kathryn Weber

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