Monday, January 14, 2008

Yet another Monday

Today was very hectic at work. It seemed like I spent half the day solving supply related issues. I heard there was a Hollywood baby boon over the weekend. Christina Aguilar, Courtney Smith, Nicole Richie all had their babies. Lets hope they are all more sane than Brittany Spears. I am so sick of hearing about her. The news today was about the new babies, Brittany and Anna Nicole Smith's baby Danni. Danni has lazy eye and you would have thought this was some earth shattering event as much as the news covered it.

Once the sun went down it felt colder than blue blazes tonight. It is supposed to drop into the upper 20's but the wind is so bitter cold :(. I had to run out real quick to dry a couple loads of clothes, take trash to the dump, get milk and kerosene. We are having potato soup for dinner and needed more milk.

Someone sent me this video at work today and I thought it was amazing. Its odd how enemies in nature can get along and yet humans can't even though our issues don't have anything to do with our survival just our own stupidity and spitefulness.


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