Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday Savings

Sundays are when most store sales start so I normally look online and find the best deals to do. I have resolved to work harder at saving and stocking up so here goes. My best web site to help with that is Hot Coupon World

Walgreen I am going to get back into the walgreen's easysaver rebate program. Here is my starting item
buy 5 Walgreens Brand Hand Sanitizer for what $7.50 and get the ESR for $10? on the 8oz size. We are always using hand sanitizer and spending 7.50 will get me $10 to invest in next month deals.
Deals This Week 1/20- 1/26
Benefiber $4.99 ( I dont use this but my best friend does and she is always saying how expensive it is so I am going to stock up what I can for her)
Use $3 Easysaver coupon (pg. 23)
$2/1 Benefiber Product (in 1/20 Smartsource insert)
= Free

Aleve is on sale for $2.99 ( my favorite brand of pain reliever.)
$ 2.00 (1/6 Smartsource)
= $.99 cents!

new coupons to use
$15/$75 Exp 2/3/08
$4/$20 Exp 2/3/08
$10/$50 Exp 2/3/08
$5/$30 Exp 2/3/08
$3/$15 Exp 2/3/08

CVS has Tide on sale for $4.99 and I will be working on stocking up on that if I can find some of the Breeze monitors in stock. Its on sale for 9.99 with 9.99 in ecb back and CVS has a coupon out that makes the monitor free.

Rite Aid
Free Wrigley's 10 pack of Gum
on sale for $.99 ( I don't chew gum but a woman at work is a fanatic about it so will give to her)
Use $1/1 Wrigleys Coupon ( 1/20 Smartsource insert)
= Free

Free Clean & Condition Cloths 70ct,
on sale for $3.99
use in ad coupon $3.99

here are a few of the single check rebate items. I want to pick up a couple and just keep reinvesting the rebate each month on whatever is on sale. I will probably get the flu reduce and the light bulbs.
FREE after SCR:Flu Reduce 6.99-6.99 SCR
Diaper Mate 2.49 - 2.49 SCR
GE soft white light bulbs 2.00 -2.00 SCR
Orajel Mouth Rinse 5.99 - 5.99 SCR


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