Saturday, March 05, 2011

Mountain Mover by the Talley Trio

I have been hearing this song on my way from work and I am loving it. It has such an uplifting beat and I love the words. I don't recall hearing of the Talley's before but I listened to them on You Tube a lot last night. Its a mother, father and daughter, trio and they are great. The dad got his start singing with the Hoppers which was a wonderful southern gospel group.


Michelle said...

This is my first time hearing this song. I like it. Thanks!
I've never heard of the Talley's before either.
I think it's such a blessing for a family to sing together.

shopannies said...

life is too hard to go it alone I for one am thankful that God is here to guide, direct and protect us

Pia said...

i love the lyrics!

My God is a mountain mover
My God’s gonna make a way
Can’t count all the time He’s proven
We can trust him just have faith
Take a hopeless situation
Watch Him turn it all around
Nothing is impossible--- AMEN!

Anonymous said...

Oh... a family trio, how wonderful! I'm with you on the beat. It's a type I won't fall asleep on. I'd love to hear them live. Maybe one day....


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