Monday, February 28, 2011

giveaways and a couple of good deals

I did some wicked cool deals this weekend. I was about the get 4 Arnicare muscle rubs, 5 boxes of Brillant tampons, 10 boxes of Royal gelatin, 6 cans of Hunts tomato sauce, a dozen eggs, 1 can of pringles, baking powder, chicken bouillon powder all for less than $5 using coupons and register rewards at Walgreens. Then I went to Target and scored a free pair of jeans for my oldest, 4 containers of Miracle Whip for $1.25 each, 2 bottles of UP & UP ibuprofen for free. I went to Lowe's foods and got 2 cans of Hunts pasta sauce for 20 cents, 2 boxes of hamburger helper for free. All using coupons from the internet.

This week if you go to Nivea's facebook page and like it you can print up to 2 coupons for $2 off 2 Nivea lip care products which are on sale for $1 each at Rite Aid this week so you can score some free lip care.

Excedrin has coupons you can print for $1 off a variety of their products. Combine this coupon with the one from Target for $3 off Excedrin 20 count and you get free Excedrin this week. Plus while at the Target site I saw a coupon for $3 off Benefiber and I have a couple coupons for $7 off 2 so that should score me some free Benefiber which I don't use but my best friend does.

On to the giveaways

Here is a giveaway for a $100 gift card at Susan Heim on Parenting, this ends on March 10th

I would love to win the Tangled dvd for my granddaughter for her Easter basket from Sara the Savvy Shopper. This ends March 20th


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