Saturday, July 28, 2012

45 by 45

Some of you may remember my 101 in 1001 blog posting. My life has done a 180 since than and I keep meaning to do a new one to reflect my different life direction but haven't managed it yet. I love the idea of setting goals though. I am always doing new year resolution and such. While I was blog surfing today I saw someone who sets new goals for each of their birthdays. I am about 3 months late but going to set some anyway. This was insanely hard, part of the reason being that I really only have 9 months to get all this done by. Much easier to make a list when you are younger because its less stuff to do haha.  Here are my 45 goals by age 45.

  1. Get the trailer rewired. 
  2. New siding on the trailer
  3. Get a generator.
  4. Lose 90 lbs. I need to lose more than that but thats 10 lbs a month so surely I can get that done.
  5. Reduce my triglycerides down to normal.
  6. Exercise 4x a week.
  7. Get the grandbabies for a vacation.
  8. Start a treatment regime for my RA.
  9. Start dating again.
  10. Get a job that I enjoy.
  11. Get my car fixed.
  12. Go camping
  13. Get my student loans in hand.
  14. Get Mandi some glasses and driver's license.
  15. Get WV tags on the car.
  16. Go to Busch Garden's, Williamsburg.
  17. Write a magazine article.
  18. Get started writing a book.
  19. Go to Bridge Day
  20. Stay at the Greenbrier.
  21. Ride a sternwheel boat. 
  22. Go to Blennerhasset Island.
  23. Go to the State Fair.
  24. Put blonde streaks in my hair.
  25. Think ONLY positive thoughts and say positive things for 3 days straight
  26. Work out three times in one week  
  27. Work out 3x/week for 4 consecutive weeks 
  28. Reconnect with an old friend I've lost touch with  
  29.  Go fishing
  30. Get a massage
  31. Get a storage shed 
  32. Purge the house of all junk and put in storage (see #31)
  33. Go out with a different friend 4x
  34. Go gluten free for 30 days
  35. Get an oven put in again. I miss cooking.
  36. Plant some bulbs around the trailer so they show up in the spring.
  37. Repot Ethel and split her into new plants
  38. Organize my couponing
  39. Start a real savings account
  40. 12 crafty gifts made for Christmas presents
  41.  Make a 2 week menu plan and stick with it. 
  42. 30 days of pictures
  43. Start project 365. I have wanted to do this for ages and ages.
  44. Go swimming. I love to swim and its been so long I don't even remember the last time I swam. 
  45. Make a new list by my next birthday. :)


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