Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday Savings

I don't remember if I posted it or not but I quit my job at the prison. They wanted to lock me in a room with 5 convicted felons behind me that I would not be in a position to watch. I felt this wasn't safe and went to management with my concerns, basically they blew me off so I did a Johnny Paycheck and walked out. Actually I am so glad to be done with them. My stress levels stayed up and I was in constant physical pain.  Since quitting, I have went off all my meds with only an occasional pain pill. But because I quit, I am not eligible for unemployment. Right now I just don't want to find another full time job. I only have to pay electricity so I am looking for something part time. In the meantime I am working on stretching what few dollars I have left.

I finally went to Rite Aid to pick up the photo cards I posted about last week. They turned out awesome. I love them.

Bought 3 Sunday papers because today was the day for the P&G coupsons but that was the only packet in there so not a good deal.  I then went to Lowe's Hardware to pick up a 30 pack of AA batteries I ordered online for $4 with free instore pickup. We use a lot of AA since thats what my mouse requires. One day I may look into a rechargeable mouse or batteries instead. 

My next stop was CVS, I didn't really see anything that I had to have on sale today other than cereal. They had selected Kellogg's cereals for 1.99 a box and I had some coupons I printed from Kellogs Family Rewards for 1.50 off each box making them .49 each. I got Apple Jack's. Kelloggs Family Rewards is a really nice reward program where  you enter codes from the Kellogg products and also codes they offer online and you can get a wide variety of stuff. I choose the coupons because we needed cereal and it was a great deal. Each coupon printed 2 times.  Right now they have a daily spin thing on their facebook page where you can win codes. You might win other stuff but I have only won codes but you can win up to 3 times daily.

Finally I ended the day by going and signing up for some mystery shopping/ merchandising jobs. I used to do a lot of those years ago and I think if I can get back in the groove I can get enough of these so that I don't have to get an actual 9-5 job again.

As I come across any good savings I will be postings so we can all save a dollar or 2.


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