Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Johnsonville Kielbasa

Thanks to Bzz I was able to try out Johnsonville Polish Kielbasa for the first time. My daughter was already a fan but I just didn't think it was something I would like so I hadn't tried it. I got a coupon for a free package so me being me, I can't turn down free so I bought some to try. I also got some coupons for $1 off that I passed out to some friends so they could try out Johnsonville's Dinner Sausages on their own.

I wasn't sure how exactly to fix dinner sausage so I went to Pinterest to find some good recipes. The recipe I choose to make with a few modifications was Grandpa's Sauerkraut and Kielbasa. It reminded me of a dish we used to make all the time growing up. I cut the kielbasa into smaller pieces than the recipe called for. I liked it fixed this way. Mandi wanted to try it out in some macaroni and cheese so we fixed some of that the next day. I can't decide which way I preferred it since both were so good. For me, both sauerkraut and macaroni and cheese are comfort foods because they are foods I had growing up. I did like it quite a bit with the creamy macaroni and cheese so I am declaring it a tie. I am thankfully to Johnsonville for giving me the opportunity to try out the kielbasa and I am glad I am a Bzzagent so I can try out new products for free to see if I like them.

Johnsonville is a hit at our house and will be on the menu again. Its a quick and easy meal for those times when I am busy. Its faster than takeout and certainly cheaper and better for my family so I like that a lot.


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