Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Blog Giveaways- Means of Entry

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Today I am going to talk about various entries into the blog giveaways. Right off I am going to tell you my favorite giveaways use either Rafflecopter or Giveaway Tools. I have Fibromyalgia and some days typing is hard for me. I like the click a button to enter forms. Below are the most common entry means.

1. Comments- some blogs require a comment and some don't. Usually the comment involves visiting the sponsor's site and looking around. Considering you want something from them, it isn't a lot to ask. 

2. Following on social media- you really should have a Facebook account, Twitter, Klout, Instagram, Pinterst, etc... as these are extra entries
A- Facebook likes- Giveaways are a form of advertising so the sponsor would appreciate a like as would the blog host. Remember the higher the numbers for the host, the more giveaways they are able to offer. It's all about the numbers, folks. If no one reads your blog, then no one is going to want to advertise with your blog.
B.  Twitter- A lot of giveaways want you to tweet about the giveaway for extra entries. This way your followers can see and hear about it also. Often they ask you to follow both the sponsor and the host site.
C. Klout- Some offer entries if you give them Klout. Klout is a site that helps you connect with sponsors. I haven't mastered this one yet even though I have a Klout account. 
D. Instagram- I do not have an Instagram site nor do I have plans to get one anytime soon so can't help you here.
E. Pinterst- this one is really growing right now. Some hosts want you to follow them and the sponsor. Some want you to pin the giveaway. 
3. Following on GFC and Bloglovin- Google Friends Connect is going away in a couple of months but a lot of giveaways still use it. I love Bloglovin personally. Its easy to use and keep up with. Once again its about the numbers. The higher the following on these, the better and more giveaways that can be offered. Plus if you follow the blog, you will know when they offer more giveaways.



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