Thursday, May 02, 2013

My Pet Peeves with Blog Hosts

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My Pet Peeves with Blog Hosts

I realize I am getting something from the host but they are also getting something from me. They need the numbers that the contest entry brings. I try not to complain too much but these are just some things that annoy me and I think are inconsiderate of the hosts. Some hosts are super nice and are just a dream to enter their giveaways and some are pains. I don't go back to the sites of the pains. 

1. Mandatory entries- I really hate these. I mean if the person wants the prize they are obviously going to enter as many ways they can.  I really really hate when the mandatory entry is email follow. I get so much email now, that I am going to tell you I delete all emails from blogs usually. I just don't have the time considering the volume. I do however go through and try to read the blog entries from bloglovin. So if an email follow is required then I just don't enter. I don't need junk cluttering my email up. Plus I am not going to read it so why require it. I just don't do well when I am forced to do something. I can see offering lots of ways to get entries, but don't make them mandatory. Let's face it, if you make the mandatory entry a Facebook like and the person doesn't have an account and sets one up just because of your giveaway, their live has changed forever because they get sucked into the void :>

2. Blog owners that think their time is more valuable than mine. It annoys me the blog owners that won't email you to say you have won. They only post it on their site and if you miss it, oh well. I'm sorry but I have a life also and I can't always make it back to your blog every single day to know if I won or not. Plus I enter an easy 100 giveaways a day. Yes I do go back and read a lot of blogs but some days I just don't get to it or am not in the mood. So you expect me to come back to read your blog but your time is so precious you can't take 1 minute to email a winner? 

3. Captcha- I think some days I might become a serial killer and go around killing folks who require captcha :). My eyes aren't what they used to be so those things are so hard for me to read. I usually have to refresh over and over just to find one that I can read. I normally won't comment on any blog that has them. I have to really want the prize and then I will usually only enter once. Plus with my fibro all that extra typing hurts.  Oh and don't get me started on the ones that have captchas and still moderate. OMG can you tell I really really hate captchas.

4.  I know some folks only have a giveaway once in a blue moon so this really isn't towards them. But if you have a lot of giveaways, why are you still requiring a comment for each and every entry. Example would be to comment you follow on Facebook, comment you follow on Twitter, comment you tweeted, etc... Do you know how much typing that is on fingers that already hurt. It is so much easier to click a button and enter. Please consider using a giveaway form for your next giveaway.



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