Saturday, December 28, 2013

Afraid at the Gas Pumps

These days when we think of fear at the pumps we think of gas prices but I had a very scary occurrence on my way to work this morning. I have a praise report this morning. I just thank God for His presence and His watching over me when I am stupid. It was about 7am so still dark.  I will admit I am one of those ppl who doesn't lock the car doors (that changes today). I stopped at the Quik Check to get gas and there was a young man sitting up by the store door. I stopped at the pump and usually I get right out and go in to pay but today I was looking in my purse for the money first. I look up and that man was trying to open my passenger door, just that fast. That was the only door on the car that was miraculously locked. I spoke through the glass to tell him I didn't know him. His response was that didn't matter. Then he goes back to the gas tank and lifts the hose in an attempt to put it in the car. Once again, praise God, the gas tank refused to open (it doesn't lock). I just yelled at him and said never mind I don't have any money and drove away. 

I told a friend that is how fast something can happen and no one be the wiser. There wasn't anyone else on the parking lot. I could see the clerk but she had her back to me and was stocking cigarettes so she didn't even know I had pulled on the lot. So if he had been able to get in the car and we left the lot, there wouldn't have been a clue about it.


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