Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I haven't written in ages. I ended up getting pneumonia 2 days before Thanksgiving. I have been so sick and can't seem to bounce back. I have been sick with something almost every day for 2 months now. I keep thinking I am going to work on getting healthier but I just feel so bad that hasn't happened. Of course, honestly while I am feeling so bad really would be the best time. Now I am hurting in my back and leg :(. Next month my insurance kicks in and I am going to see if a chiropractor can help me. I already went to a rheumatoidologist and he basically did nothing but put me on drugs. I am not going to live my life doped up.

My wonderful boss gave me a Christmas bonus that was actually more than my usual payday. I am so thrilled. I am going to use that money to buy a new laptop. I haven't had one since mine died way back in April. I have been looking but there aren't any good deals right now. I guess they figure everyone is buying laptops as presents so they have jacked the prices up. I am ok with waiting until after the holidays to see what I can find.

I have barely been entering any giveaways. Some days I enter nothing at all. You can tell it too because my wins and package deliveries have virtually stopped. I am going to try to get back into a routine and enter some each day. I see a lot on Pinterest. I have discovered the ugliness of humans on those giveaways. Some people have banned me for following their giveaway boards. some waiting until I repinned their pins but then they banned me. A few ppl do something that I consider the same as cheating. Most giveaways give entry points for sharing on pinterest. Yet some ppl waiting until just hours before the giveaway ends before they share. I know sometimes you don't find a giveaway until the last day but there is at least one person I follow who never ever shares anything unless it ends that day. I just think that while it may not be cheating, it certainly isn't good sportsmanship.


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