Wednesday, October 01, 2014

End of September Recap

September was a fairly good month for me. I got another part time job managing a small trailer park. My oldest turned 30 years old and we have a nice family gathering for that. I think I have finally found another church to go to. I am tired of church shopping trying to find a place where I fit in. I won't mark that as being completed on my 1001 list yet until I have been to more services to see how it goes. I spent all day Sunday entering all my genealogy data into a new program.

I ended winning 18 giveaways ranging from books to gift certificates. This makes me 12 posts for the month, yay me. My giveaway ended up having over 300 entries. Winner will be posted in a couple of days. That is the best I have had on a giveaway ever. I have another giveaway coming up in October for a wonderful book. I managed to semi repair my laptop so I can use it to do stuff. My pc is over 10 yrs old and it doesn't really handle the fancy web stuff anymore. I can't hardly enter giveaways or pin using it so I am real glad to have the laptop working. I attened my first twitter party. I spent some time working on blog earning potential stuff. I cashed out for a 5 amazon gift certificate from Swagbucks.

picture of Mandi's 30th birthday cake

all the grandbabies playing at the park


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