Saturday, October 04, 2014

National Frappe Day

This is one of my oldest's favorite days. She loves frappes. My biggest thing has always been how to pronounce it :)  Some folks say  “frap” while others say “frah-pay," I guess either is fine as long as you are paying.  Here are the top 5 recipes I have saved online over the years. Wikipedia has a page on frappes. It is actually interesting to read about. I had no idea that it was invented accidentally in Greece just over 50 years ago.

Starbucks Cotton Candy Frappuccino from the Budget Savvy Diva- I haven't made this yet but I so love cotton candy so can't wait to try it out.

CARAMEL MACCHIATO from Milo and Me- I love about anything that has caramel in it

McDonald's Caramel Frappe from McDonald's at Home- and on that note, this is my favorite Frappe drink.

Perfect Pumpkin Frappuccino from Pure Imagination- Everyone loves Pumpkin flavored in the fall

Pumpkin Spice Frappe from Peanut Butter and Peppers-  Since it is that time of year again here is pumpkin, this version is low calorie

What is your favorite flavor of frappe?


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