Thursday, November 06, 2014

End of October Recap

October was not a good month for me. The engine blew up in my car and I had to have it totaled :(. So far I have not be able to find another car I can drive. I was able to keep working thanks to my awesome supervisor and her husband. They came to get me a few days and then loaned me a truck for the last half the month. I was able to pick up a few extra days at work so hopefully will be able to afford something soon.

I had a total of 10 posts for the month. I had one giveaway this month and it had  #374 entries. I won 15 giveaways. Seemed like a slow month to me for winnings, of course there are some who don't win 15 giveaways a year so I am grateful for what I won.

I did a bit better on posting more reviews. I helped a friend get signed up for a few review programs. She just lost her job and is going crazy home and looking for something to do. I did finally find a nice Dodge Caravan to buy but I can't pick it up until the 11th of November.


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