Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Inheritance Review

Product Description
One day, Angie, a smart, sexy woman, finds out she has inherited a totally unexpected fortune from a complete stranger. What does one do with that kind of information? Who is Wilcox, and why did he give her all his worldly possessions?
Follow this intriguing tale of theft, love, and riches, as Angie unravels the past.

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t first I was very confused because it started in the middle and then brought you up to how they got to that point. I loved the character of Angie and she has the potential to be an amazing character if the author would write a series of mysteries featuring them. She is such a smart, strong, complex woman and I was rooting for her. I am not big on romance stories so I think that was a factor in why I didn't love this story. Honestly if I loved romance I wouldn't like that part of the story line. I am not big on domineering men, and I would never date a thief. I didn't find the male lead to be a likeable character at all. I enjoyed the author's style of writing and had to read the book in one reading because I couldn't put it down. I really can't stress how much I would love to see a series of mysteries with Angie as the main character in them. She could solve financial mysteries. So while I did not like the romance, that was about the only part I didn't like. I liked all the other characters, I liked the back story lines, and the action to it plus I loved Angie. I would recommend reading this book if only so you can meet Angie. 

Buy your kindle copy today on Amazon  and let me know your thoughts on this book.

Somehow I ended up not getting my copy to review so I did purchase this myself on Amazon but that doesn't change my review process. It is still my honest opinion.


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