Saturday, May 26, 2007

Another week gone by

Saturday we had my cousin's daughter for most of the day. We ate at the Olive Garden and shopped at the mall. Got a bunch of earrings, hair scrunchies and something called a pony flip. I used to have one and lost it ages ago. Its a simple plastic piece but I never had luck recreating it on my own. Anyway it was only $3 so I got 2 since I had wanted one forever. Finally we took T home. A couple hours later we get a call that T's mom and the mom's bf had been in a car wreck. I had to go to the hospital to get them. I got lost twice, I hate big hospitals. But thankfully they were ok. The wife of one of the guys from work was in a head on wreck the same night and she was a lot more seriously injured. She will be ok though.
I am still driving on the same $42 gas but I have seriously cut back on driving. I am doing way better at being frugal though. I only ate out twice this week for lunch. Next week I am going to be more prepared and take lunch daily.
I heard yesterday that congress voted to raise the minimum wage by over $2. I think thats a good thing but I do wonder about the mom and pop places, gas is already hurting these places.
I chose not to go to the family reunion. There were just too many memories of people who have passed on and won't be there for me to be able to enjoy it. M did not get a car for various reasons so she wasn't able to go to WV either. She claims she is getting one with her next pay check and then going in the next weekend. With this week's challenges and a couple of rank badges, I finally have over 100 badges in Pogo. I have completed all the challenge badges in payday freecell so think I will move onto Mahjong challenges. I love that game so should be fun.


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