Friday, May 18, 2007

Weekly update

One of the women in the office just graduated with an associates in networking. I am going to get a little cake and take in Monday. We didn't do anything for her and it just seems like we should. She says she isn't going to find another job though. Seems pointless to have gotten the degree if you aren't going to use it. I got a bit annoyed today at work. Last year I signed up to be a first aid provider under the previous employers. They sent a notice about going for recertification a couple days ago and I realized its not something I want to do anymore. Well unless I just act like a total ass I am stuck with it this year. Its not like you get paid anymore for doing it. I have told them to not put me in for training next year that I wasn't interested for sure.
I filled my car up this evening and it cost $42. I have never spent that much for gas even when I had a big 8 cylinder car. They can say all they want that high gas prices won't affect people driving but it sure affects me. I can't afford $40 a week for gas. I am going to stop paying for tanning at the gym and tell them I won't be renewing my membership. I am looking for every little way possible to save money. I dont think I am going to the family reunion. I don't want to be up there 2 days when I am only off 3 and I can't justify the cost of gas to go up and back in one day. I would like to see Debbie and a few others but I doubt its going to happen.
I got a tracfone tonight at family dollar. They had some that were $9 but I got one that was $30 because its a flip phone. I like tracfone because I always got service about everywhere when I used my other one.
My sister sent me a link to get some tokens for pogo. If anyone plays, the site is I got 400000 tokens tonight putting me over 1 million finally.


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