Friday, May 04, 2007


I went to Target tonight and saw the cutest T-Mobile cell phone on clearance. I bought it since I had needed another cell for a while now. I also got a cd player on clearance for about $14. I have wanted one for a long time now since my computer cd player quit working. Anyway when I go to check out they said I was pre approved for a Target card. I went ahead and got it since I considered it another step in repairing my credit. You have to use credit to rebuild credit. I leave Target quite happy about the deals I got. I get home and charge up the cell phone and go to activate it. T-Mobile doesn’t have phone service in NC, so why the hell does Target sell the phones?

On a good note, I got my cd player working and am now listening to Book of Shadows cd by Zack Wyld. God he is so talented.


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