Saturday, May 12, 2007

Weekly update

Well the parts that David put on the car didn’t fix it. Sometimes it still won’t start although it does seem to start more often so that lets out going to the gym before work. I think this week though I am going to start to go after work 3 days a week. That way I can just wait until it feels like starting. I did go to curves 3 x this week and went to the park and walked last night. I have tried to be more active and eat a bit less. I have lost 4 lbs since last weekend. So that is in line with my 3lb goal.

Work has been the usual mess. The switcher some how managed to put a Cheetah box in the door and said it was an MOL box so it had to be unloaded and redone. Then for some reason on Wednesday they fired one of the truck loaders. I haven’t heard anyone say why. I am now doing the shipment information for all of IO. So far so good. I am thinking about raises in July and I think if I don’t get at least $1 I am going to quit even if I have to take a lesser paying job. I was told that if we all picked up the extra work instead of them having to hire someone, that we would get better raises. The least they could have hired someone at would have been $10 so I think they should in all fairness give us at least $1.50 raises.

Still no car for Mandi. We haven’t really looked. My cousin sent me an email today with a pic of her new engagement ring. Its beautiful. I hope they are very happy always. We went to Mayfest today and wandered. I found the cutest wicker desk set for $50 for the desk and chair. I paid half as a deposit and will send Mandi on Tuesday I think to pick it up . On the way back it started to rain. We got drenched since we had walked from my aunt’s house to the festival. We looked like drowned rats. As soon as we got back we drove straight home so we could change clothes. My aunt has met a man online she wants to go out with so now she is dragging me along because he wanted her to bring a friend for his friend. I figured I wasn’t doing anything anyway and how bad could it be. Its only one night. I think next Friday is the date.


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