Sunday, June 17, 2007

Another week

Monday- First day that J was gone from the office. I made it through with no problems.
Tuesday- Out of the blue a guy from the past showed up. I should have acted like I wasnt home but no I just had to let him in. This is the one I regret most out of all the losers I have dated. But he had no where to go and I am an idiot who can't seem to stop letting people hurt me.
Wednesday- Same shit different day.
Thursday- See above.
Friday- Thankfully J will be back Monday but I made it through the week without any major screwups I think. I also got a .75 raise per hour. Not as much as I hoped but better than nothing. CAlled and talked to best friend in WV.
Saturday- Bought some Alli to try and lose weight. Went to movies to see knocked up. I must be getting old because it was funny but I just kept thinking there was too much cussing. Mistake is still here and having the nerve to complain my pain is keeping him from sleeping. I have lost 7lbs though in the past couple weeks.


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