Sunday, June 24, 2007

Beginning of Summer.

Its been very slow at work so this week has passed like a snail. My car has died completely. I think its the fuel pump. It hasn't started since Monday. I am going to have to call my mechanic friend to see if he can fix it next weekend. I don't have the money to get it towed and buy the part and pay him also.
I have long suspected my landlord's secretary doesn't like me. This week confirms it. I went to pay the rent and we were talking about it being so hot. I said something about melting, she goes "like the wicked witch of the west". Now if someone was a friend that would have been funny but since we aren't it wasn't.
Alli was a waste of my money. I took them faithfully and so did my aunt and neither of us lost any weight. I have started walking at the park again though and am now down a total of 9 lbs in 2 weeks. I had to dye my hair again. I had much gray happening. Now I am going to see if cousin S can restreak it.
Went to 311 Speedway last night. I saw Austin Dillon win a race. That is Richard Childress' grandson. He is pretty good so expect to see him in Nascar. 311 is a dirt track and I bet I had 6lbs of clay dirt on me and in my hair.
R is still around messing up my life. There are a lot of days I wonder why I do things to myself that I do.
Summer solstice came and went and I did no form of celebration. Anymore I feel like I am drifting and not really existing in any fashion.
I found some cleaner at Dollar General for baked on stuff on dishes. That stuff is the bomb. I had a glass baking dish that I had barbequed in . I had soaked it, used a brillo pad and scrapped it with a fork and it wouldn't come clean. I bought that stuff not really expecting it to work but it did like a charm. I even sprayed it on some of the metal parts of the stove with backed on stuff and it wiped right off. Love this product.


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