Sunday, June 03, 2007

End of week update

I am noticing a trend on my updates lately. Its a once a week thing apparently.
Monday- went to a cook out at Aunt J's house. Both her kids and their kids were there so it was quite crowded. We are thinking of raising some angora goats and also planting some blueberries. She has 4 acres but you can't really attach your wagon to her because she changes her mind frequently. Although I will probably end up doing something like that myself anyway. I would like to have a few chickens, goats and bees. I would also like to do a garden big enough to be self sufficient and perhaps have some left overs to sell.
Tuesday- had to go to the recertification calls for CPR and AED. I don't mind learning and was glad that it was free but it wasn't fair that I couldn't get out of it. Especially when I get to the class and found out that someone else who was supposed to take it did get out of it without getting in trouble. My knees have been hurting all week because the floors at the Red Cross were concrete and we had to kneel for about an hour on them to do CPR on the dummies. Not good for arthritic knees.
Wednesday- pretty blank here. Work was not busy so I worked in a few different departments to fill time.
Thursday- Back to Red Cross for blood borne pathogens class. No test but a group study thing.
Friday- total blank
Saturday- Went to Aunt B to visit with her and my cousin M who was up from TN visiting. Tried to go by the thrift store to get my desk I bought 3 weeks ago but they weren't open for some reason. Picked up DD and went to the Goodwill. I spent $15 there and got some books, games, a few knick knacks. DD spent $27 and got a bunch of stuff. Went to Rainbow and got a dress outfit to wear to work. Whole outfit was only $22. Knee has been killing me all day and muscles above the knee are tight as crap. Got home and one of the feral cats outside that I feed but am not allowed to touch has been hurt. I think he got hit by a car but its been enough time that he wasn't in pain. Both his back legs are broke. He is getting around by dragging his body. He acted like it didn't bother him. I am not sure what to do. The stuff I planted last weekend has started sprouting. My poppies are full of little sprouts and the thyme has sprouted but thats all so far.
Sunday- It hasn't rained in over 2 weeks but apparently some tropical storm in the ocean has cause that to change. It started raining about 2 am and its still lightly sprinkling 12 hours later. The farmers should be happy about that. I have spent most of the day in bed on and off. I have noticed for some reason the last 4 or 5 months that on the first day of that time that I am incredibly tired and sleep a lot. This is a new development because it used to not have any apparent effects on me. Maybe because I am older now.


Manic Witch said...

I still have to find somewhere to take my CPR class too. It totally sucks because I TAUGHT it for 2 years. But, the job requires it so I have to do it.
I haven't done AED in ages. (7+ years?) But I'm guessing since its made for the uneducated masses, they managed to make ie even more "user friendly". Yes?

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