Wednesday, October 31, 2007

CVS deal

CVS is willing to give you $100 worth of merchandise. They have a deal this week that the nova glucose machine on sale for $29.99 and you get a $20 ecb for each one you buy. Limit is 5. In the pharmacy they have diabetic books that have coupons in them for $50 off the nova glucose machine. They adjust your coupon to the $29.99 sale price so you pay nothing but tax and you buy 5 and get $100 in ECB back. I did mine one at a time so I would only get $20 back but I combined them with a $10 off 50 coupon and was able to get stuff that was free with ecb so I got my bucks back and some of the stuff had rebates so I could turn it into cash. I also stocked up on stuff we needed like toilet paper, detergent and trash bags. If you did get them all at once and got the $100 ecb you can buy some pretty neat gift items for xmas for free.


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